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I was born in Brazil, in São Paulo and currently live in Canada.

My works bring colors and rich details that refer to the trips I made to India, Nepal, Tibet, China, Paris, England, and other places where I came into contact with different cultures and philosophies.  I discovered new patterns and forms that enriched and transformed my art and my outlook on life.


There is always a mystery, a random movement that arises intuitively in all my works, I feel a light but intense breeze that transforms the reality of life in a subtle way.

I have a strong connection with spirituality, I constantly seek to relate to humanity and Nature, based on love and compassion.


Through mixed techniques, I explore elements of nature with creativity and boldness in colors and textures.

My paintings are full of archetypes that symbolically resemble tarot cards. Through meditation I open the doors of my mind and my heart to capture information from the universe and transform it into painting.

- artist selected for Cow Parade 2017

- Painting on a Mannequin at MAM - Museum of Modern Art - Brazil

- Live Painting at MCB (Museum of the Brazilian House and Ibirapuera Park - Brazil

- Author of the coloring book-ArtZen

- International Contemporary Art Salon - Miami 2018 - Art & Design Gallery

- International d'Art Contemporain - Au Carrousel du Louvre - Paris

- International and Contemporary Salon - Gilda Queiroz Galeria - BH- 2019

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Let us talk

Marcia Aftimus

São Paulo - Brasil

Thetis Island - Canada

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